"How To Research Your Idea To Give It The Best Possible Chance Of Success"

Hi, and welcome to the second edition of my Game Inventor Success-News E-zine!

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In this issue l will cover; how to give your ideas the best possible chance of success, by using research tools online.

Ok..so let’s get started.

For starters there is one tool on the internet that can tell you, (or give you an idea) whether or not your idea will work, and when would be the best time to sell it, online or off.

The tool is;

Google trends

Just type that into Google, then type in the nearest product related to yours, example – Monopoly and see when it sells well, and if it is still selling well, (goes without saying).

Then you will quickly realize whether your idea has a chance in the current marketplace and when would be the best time to market your idea.

The next cool tool is Microsoft Adlab.

It will give you how well a word does on Google, demographics, ages, etc for a given word.

So...you could type in the nearest product to yours and see what your target age, sex, country, etc could be?

Well, that’s your lot for this month.

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Issue #03-Will cover how to make money by playing video games.

I know that is getting a little of center from board games, but making money doing something related to board games has to be a good thing!

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