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This was one of several designs l developed with Blue Opal over several years hoping that a variation of the initial idea would make it (l usually called it Insanity or Dexterity, although in this case it was called Contortions).

l will be adding the other variations to this concept next time l add designs to this page.

The object was that 2 to 6 players take it in turns to complete 3 challenges simultaneously.Then the other players try and figure out what you are, and give a score for how well you did the actions. You move around the board, based on the score and collect tokens, (men) once you have collected 10 tokens you win!

So if you pick up a l am card which may have Cat on it, and two action cards (hand picture cards) which may say "draw me" and write the word "pencil".

The middle card with the brain picture on it could say "say the word dog"?

The middle of the game board has a shiny surface so you could write, draw, etc the required actions at the same time (you would have to for example draw a Cat with one hand and spell pencil with your other hand), while trying to verbally say the word dog!

(Design 1)

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In the second variation we tried several different variations of game card ideas!

So, in the Charades section l had a l-am and l-do cards, another section l-am plus l-am (l am a Cat and Giraffe) cards, which you have to draw; then Draw-say-Draw cards (similar to the first design concept above) and sound cards, sounds l-feel (tired), sounds l-am (Cat) and sounds for l-do cards (driving).

As you can see over several years we just played around with the concept hoping to create it in a way that some Toy Company around the world or hopefully Companies would take it more seriously!

(Design 2)

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In this game, l had a concept around 1-8 players rolling a dice, moving a token and then picking up a card relating to the subject they landed on.

Each card would have many variations to the subject the token landed on.

For example if they landed on ocean then they could pick a word like; whale, fish, dolphin, etc then...

pick up a sentence card and replace the blank space or word which relates to the game board spaces (could link it via colour matching, example ocean and turtle could be both blue.

Then make the sentence as far away from the original subject as possible (so other players have a hard time guessing what the original word is).

Instead of "The tortoise went up the hill", you could replace it with "The slow ocean creature went up the hill".

As you can see this was an unfinished concept or idea.

And l was hoping that it would spark some interest in the company l was showing this too.

But it is best to develop an idea as much as possible to increase your chances, before approaching a company!

(Design 3)

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