Toy and Game Inventors Gallery

Hi and welcome to the toy and game inventors gallery, the only place on-line where you can peek into a successful toy and game inventors head and see what's there.

I will cover board games first, explaining how l came up with the ideas, and any other points of interest.

I tried to do board games as much as possible because they are usually the most profitable, but it's worth noting and showing other ideas, because you may be successful with one of these and something is better than nothing. Please click on the board game design gallery when ready!

I went a bit overboard with my designs, but since l am an artist at heart l got carried away at times. A quick pencil sketch is more than enough to catch the attention of the person you are showing your ideas to.

Jigsaws is another area that l tried because apart from being fun it also has the potential of doing better than puzzles or board games. Please click on the jigsaw inventor assistance gallery for more help.

An example of this is Photomosiacs where the inventor was working on his Computer with one of those 1000, etc picture programs and got the idea to put the photos together to create a bigger picture.

He took out a worldwide patent and probably made several million from it in the first few years, they are still one of the best selling jigsaws currently in the world today.

So my point is to dabble in other areas as well because you never know where the Jackpot idea is hiding!

Puzzles are another area to dabble in and although l didn't hit the jackpot in this area l certainly hit a vein of gold with the Thread the Maze Puzzle idea. Please click on the Link for puzzle inventors when ready.

Other areas, covers all the remaining areas or ideas l developed; and there were some close successes here as well, as there were in all the areas listed above. Please click on the toy and game invention process gallery when ready.

l will let you know when l am showing the designs that had a chance or were in the running.

The second last area in the inventors gallery is devoted to the Thread the Maze Puzzle invention prototype designs. l will show the roughs and show the four different designs (products) that were created by Blue Opal.

Its good to see how a simple idea on a sheet of paper can turn into a real product that can make you substantial amounts of money.

Game designs are an important area to know more about. Please click on the Link for game designs when ready.

Well that's about it for the inventors gallery, please click on the next Link when ready.

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