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Hi, and welcome to the Daily Sudoku page.

The place where l will cover everything to do with the game of Sudoku. So lets start...

• History of Sudoku.

You may be surprised to know that this game wasn't invented in Japan, but also originated in some western countries as well.

• Sudoku Explained.

This game is usually played in a 9 x 9 grid, but there are exceptions. And all the most popular ones will be covered on this page.

• Then We Have the Maths.

Sudoku is unique in that it relys purely on logic than anything else, although luck can play a part.

• Solution Methods

Scanning is the most popular method, but there are others. All are covered in this section.

• Starting the Game

In this game, logic rules over luck, but there are other techniques that can help with your plan of attack.

• Middle Game Strategies

When you are attempting a more serious game, a different approach is required. Find out more here.

• When all Else Fails

At this point you have tried all the strageties and come up dry. At this point a pencil and rubber are a god-send! Click here to find out why?

• Where do I Find These Puzzles

There are obvious places, like librarys and newsagents. But you need to copy them to pencil it in. Newsagents are better, but electronic is a great option. I will cover the best ones here.

• Examples

Last chapter l will cover examples of this game, so you really grasp what you have learned.

Well that is it for this page.

And thank you for visiting the daily Sudoku page.

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