How to create New ideas

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There is a fair amount of information available on-line on how to create new ideas.

But there doesn’t seem to be any information on the “entire process” of how to do it as efficiently as possible (keeping expenses down to a minimum and odds of success as high as possible)!

Thankfully on this web site, l will give you the big picture.

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If you are hoping that you can just sit down somewhere and after a few hours of intense mental thought, come up with a successful board game idea, ”forget it” it doesn’t work that way. Developing the right mental attitude, not being stressed, in a hurry or attached to an outcome and just enjoying the process will bring results.

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And certainly after reading this e-book, you will have considerably more knowledge than l did when l first started.

It will take time, and persistence to be successful in this field and you may have a couple of close calls before you are successful, but that’s what makes this so much fun, not knowing whether or not you have a successful idea, on your hands!

If you are wondering where great new ideas come from to invent games, etc click on the link.

The history of toy and game inventions and inventors is always a good thing to know when entering into this area of expertise; please click on the link.

If you are wondering how do l increase my chances in inventing more money making ideas, etc click on the link.

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