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Welcome to the Trade secrets recourse.

This is one of the good aspects of developing a board game, puzzle, etc is that it’s the Toy Company’s responsibility to protect the idea you have come up with.

This is one of the reasons l have stayed in this field because you don’t have to invent something and then take the considerable gamble in protecting it with your own capital.

Please click on inventors patents for more trade secrets on this valuable subject.

Obviously you could come up with a board game idea that you think is a winner, develop, protect and finance it yourself.

If that is what you want to do, this information will still be very helpful.

And if pressed, l would recommend (apart from reading the content on this web site) to still do it the way l recommend, and go to a local Toy Company with 3 or more ideas (including the one you have your heart set on) and see what kind of feedback you get.

If they say that it probably won’t work because of, etc then it is probably a good thing to have your ego dented than to spend a year of your life, and probably thousands to tens of thousands of dollars of your hard earned money going into an unsound idea.

Or an idea that needs more development!

It is better to churn out ideas, get experience and feedback then one day when you develop an idea that almost gets accepted, and you and your friends are crazy about, then you could consider developing it yourself.

It may still fail, but at least you have a far better chance of breaking even or making a profit than you probably did before.

An important area to cover at this point in time would be the toy and game inventor resource, which shows my Royalty invoices (payments) for the Thread the Maze Puzzle.

Ok, we are up to the most important part of this web site, the “what to avoid” page!

This page is guaranteed to save you time and money in developing successful ideas, especially time one of the main ingredients for success in this field.

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An overview of how to approach the game and toy marketing industry is another must read part of this web site; please click on the link when ready.

The free help for inventor recourse has some useful links and other trade secrets for inventors; you know what to do when ready!

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