Toy and game puzzles

Hi and welcome to the toy and game puzzles page!

You didn't think that l was going to create this web site about inventing board games, etc without putting some fun things in as well!

Ok...for starters l will put in a page on board game design concepts first, which really means if you want to develop your own ideas (including design work) then this is the page to keep your eyes on.

I will go through step by step how to set up a board game, what are the basic rules, and other new ways to structure your board games to increase your chances with Toy Companies.

If you structure your game play around certain well worn rules, it may decrease your chances of it being accepted!

Please click on the gameboard link for more information.

The second page link l intend to put on this page concerns free game downloads!

This is where l will create puzzle, jigsaw, etc designs that can be downloaded and with a little effort on your part, you will be able to play one of my game ideas "free of charge".

free games

Please click on the inventor resources link or the free Hungry Caterpillar download Puzzle sample for more information.

And if you want a review on the latest board games, etc click on the next link!

Just click on the game and toy market (reviews) link for more information.

Seeing what the latest toy and game ideas are can give you a definite advantage in the industry, so l have included this link as well...

The latest toy and game products!

And just for fun click on the kitten games link showing the funniest videos available online for kittens playing around!

Just click on the kitten games link for more information.

Then comes weird toy and game ideas! This is a good place to go to take a look at what you should avoid, or not do, etc. There are some good lessons to learn here, and all you have to do is click on this link...

The toy inventors page!

Well, that's about it for the toy and game puzzle page, please click on the next part of this web site when ready!

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