Iphone Chess Tutorial

Hi and welcome to the iphone chess tutorial. The place where you will learn virtually everything there is to know about the game of chess. And you can also learn about it on your ipad, laptop or PC as well!

So let's begin...

Firstly l will be going over some of the history of chess, when it was most likely developed and why. As well as other general info, about chess most people are unaware of!

Then l will be going over the rules of chess and what the playing pieces are called and their importance, etc. There probably are some rules here that even the most seasoned veteran may not be aware of!

Then coordinates of the chess board come next, so you can understand why a series of moves can produce a certain result!

Exercises come next. And there are plenty of them here, to get the most novice playing up to speed!

Then the end of the game strategies is next and will cover end game strategies to make you a master in no time at all!

The effects of the men, (playing pieces) are next and give you an in-depth understanding of what moves you can really do with your pieces!

Then Start Game tactics comes next, and will show you how to set yourself up to increase your chances of a win.

Then next comes principles of chess strategies.This one comes in two parts, part two is here!

Examples of play of chess masters is next; l will guide you through master games and why they did that they did, when required. If you want to look over the shoulder of a chess master, this is the place to go! Please click here for part 2.

Next we have tasks for the student, to make sure that you fully grasp this game.

Then in the conclusion and other resources, l will of course give you a free download of a chess board with 2D pieces, so if you don't have a chess board, just download, print this out, cut a few times and you have a ready made chess board. As well as other useful links!

As you can see l am a bit of a chess fan, and am sure that after reading all this material, you will be hooked as well!

Thank you for visiting the Iphone Chess Tutorial page!

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