Toy and Game Invent Success-Table of contents

Hi and welcome to the Toy and Game Invent Success-Table of contents page!

The only page on my site that gives you a overview of virtually everything my site contains.

And l have included descriptions where necessary.

Home (first page you see when entering my site)!

Learn about computer games.

Learn how to make your own Xbox 360 and PC games!

Learn more about Xbox 360 errors, and how to reduce and fix the problem!

Create New Ideas

Scam free inventor information (Royalty potential, strike rates, etc).

Idea inventor recourse (how to develop great ideas)!

Invent games (how l developed Thread the maze, etc including book details).

Inventions and inventors (history of the worlds best games, etc).

Money making ideas, (create as many profitable board games as possible, click here to find out how)?...

Boardgames and Trends

Is your idea profitable (your potential strike rate).

Puzzle, jigsaw and board game industry trends.

Game inventors information on mind power (part 1).

Game information inventor recourse on mind power (part 2).

Game inventor workshop (power of persuasion).

Game developer, (what you should do, to dramatically increase your chances).

Trade Secrets

Inventors patents.

Inventor resource (Royalty invoices).

Toy idea (what to avoid, includes Google-Sketchup link).

Game and toy marketing industry (overview, includes disclaimer).

Free help for inventor recourse (Blue Opal, Hasbro links, etc).

Toy and Game inventors gallery

Board game design.

Jigsaw inventor assistance gallery.

Puzzle inventors.

Invention process (other toy and game ideas)!

Prototype designs (Thread the Maze).

Game designs, (key elements to make your board game and other designs more successful).

Chess Page, (learn everything there is to learn about the game of chess, with this step by step tutorial).

Learn chess on iphone, etc, (introduction).

Learn the history of chess for iphone, etc,.

Learn what the pieces are called and their importance...

Learn how to understand piece moves l am making by using board coordinates, etc...

Learn through exercises how the game of chess is played...

Learn about the end game and how to beat your opponent...

Learn about the pieces and what they are capable off!

Learn about opening moves, that will set you up for a win!...

Learn about the principles of chess, (first part)...

Learn about the principles of chess, (second part)...

Look over the shoulders of chess masters...

Look over the shoulders of chess masters, (part 2).

Exercises you can do to get up to speed!...

Conclusion to the chess tutorial, which also includes your free chess board, etc download and other resources...

Game-Puzzle (Fun & Games).

Gameboard (creating your own board game, etc guide).

Inventor resources (free games).

Game and toy reviews.

The latest toy and game trends.

Kitten games, (very funny videos).

The toy inventors page, (weird toy and game ideas!

About me page (includes Site-Build-It links, free e-books, etc).

Contact me

Game Inventor-Blog (automatic notification of new content, etc).

The Legal Stuff page, (disclaimer, etc for this site).

The Toy Business Advertising page.

Thank you for visiting the Toy and Game Invent Success-Table of contents page.

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