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The Rules of Chess

Everyone should know chess, because the game has been around for hundreds of years and is being played on an ever increasing number of mediums around the world.

Chess originated from warfare. In times past two armies that opposed each other took up their positions in nearly straight lines, separated by a nearly level plane. A general, to make his plans clear to his officers, sketched the positions and indicated movements of bodies of men.

In this way military games such as chess, where generated.

Possibility Hannibal before the battle of Cannae drew lines and placed stones on a board to explain his intended strategy for that battle.

It is easily comprehended by the following two diagrams;

The battle of Cannae was in 216 B.C. between the Romans and Carthaginians.


The Battle of Cannae; Formation of Troops before Engagement.


These lines describe a plan that made history.


The Battle of Cannae; showing the strategy employed by the Carthaginians.


The Chessboard.

For the purposes of teaching, strategy, the battlefield was represented by the chess-board.

It was given the shape of a square, divided into 64 squares, usually colored Black and White alternately. I have used the colors shown as it is easier on the eye, rather than black and white!

And to get the most from this tutorial, having a chess set is recommended!

But don't worry, l have included an easy to make, chess set, at the end of this tutorial.

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