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Hi and welcome to the game developer page.

The place where l will give you some guarded secrets on how to increase your chances as much as possible in how to create a board game, with the best chance of making you serious money for yourself and your family.

So, lets start...

Developing board games, toys and puzzles, may seem like child's play? Just get a very successful ideas like Monopoly, Scrabble, etc and come up with a variation.

This may seem like the best approach, but l believe that there are more viable ways to churn out ideas that give you a great increase in your success rate.

Or at least get you into the sweet spot.

The first thing that you need to do is, stay in the board game area, as much as possible. Board games pay out considerably more than toys and puzzles combined, and are no harder to develop than the other two areas.

Game inventors should also keep a notepad handy, inspiration can strike and disappear just as quickly so it pays to be safe than sorry.

Stay with conventional elements with your game development. Conventional elements are dice, board, playing pieces, etc.

Much cheaper and quicker than trying to create them yourself.

Keep the playing board small, the less the customer has to bend the board the better your chances of a success, and the cheaper it will be to produce.

Develop your idea, if you have your heart set in one, as much as possible.

Walking in with a completed idea, (that is playable) stands a much better chance, if you are approaching a toy company with your idea, than an idea sketched into a piece of paper.

Walking in a few ideas helps as well.

A toy company will take you a lot more seriously with a few ideas than 1.

Obviously the more experience the better, but it really isn’t a necessity; l came up with a successful puzzle after 7 failures.

And if l can have an early success, anyone can!

The thing about toy companies is they have a lot of trouble in coming up with ideas, probably because they have to work and develop toy and game products on a regular bases, so have trouble looking at an area with a flesh eye.

This is obviously an opportunity for you to have some fun and make some serious money for yourself.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Doesn’t sound like a good tip? Nothing could be further from the truth. I have come up with some of my best ideas, by seeing and hearing things that could be turned into a profitable idea.

You rarely come up with great ideas by sitting down somewhere and thinking about it!

You need some concepts that you got from somewhere, to really make it work.

So, an example is watching the TV one day and seeing something that could be the beginning of a great board game.

I came up with one of my best board game ideas by doing this. I saw a comedy act of two people miming a fish swimming backwards, and combined that with, a computer game l saw, in the shops of mutant animals going into battle.

I combined those two elements together and a board game that the company that l usually go and see, wanted to develop further, was born.

Unfortunately because of certain factors beyond my control no company around the world would accept it.

Being a game developer is like anything else in life, “you just have to keep at it, to really succeed!”

Thank you for visiting the game developer page.

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