Learn how to make Xbox 360 games

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Here you will learn about the XNA Game Studio Express software and what you will need, etc in order to create your own world's and more importantly games for your Xbox and PC.

Ok...so let's start.

First of all this offer isn't a "once you get it, that's it" sort of deal.

This, so called free software doe's have associated cost's


this software for the first time allows, someone to enter the industry without a large initial investment.

Ok...so the first thing you will need is a computer with the Microsoft XP operating system, as a platform to create your games on.

Then if you want to play your game on the Xbox 360, you will also need $99 dollars for the yearly subscription fee.

But your subscription to the XNA Creators Club, (a 4 month subscription is also available) allows you access to other useful resources.

The XNA Game Studio Express software, (shooter example included) includes a starter kit for rapid development of popular genres of games.

First person shoot-ups and real-time strategy games will be available in the near future.

But one word of caution, your computers speed will determine how well you can move through an animation sequence on your computer.

So..if you want to do a "Halo type" memory intensive sequence, you may be disappointed with how well the sequence works, (on your computer).

Pity they didn't have a plug in for the Xbox itself, (take advantage of the Xboxes dedicated graphics parallel processors) instead?

And at this point in time, Mac's are left out in the cold, understandable considering that it is Microsoft's Xbox.

"How Do I Get Started"

To get started, make sure that your computer can handle minimum download requirements, otherwise as said before you may download something that will animate landscapes, etc so slowly it may put you off your Xbox game ambition's right from the start.

Buying and installing extra memory cards is a relatively cheap and easy thing to do. Googling it will bring up some useful resources, but don't try it yourself, before learning the basics, otherwise you could seriously damage your computer's hardware.

Next step is to download the free Microsoft Visual C# 2005 Express Edition software.

This installation is required first in order to create the code for your XNA Game Studio Express Games.

Then download and install the free XNA Game Studio Express software, which will allow you to immediately create your own games for the mass market or for your own applications, on Window's computer's only.

Then you will need to subscribe and then download the XNA Game Launch software, so you can test, run and make games for your computer as well as your Xbox 360.

These downloads come with everything you would expect, to get started quickly.

Video tutorials, step-by-step guide's and articles to commonly asked questions are provided or easily assessable.

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