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Welcome to the new idea inventor recourse on how to come up with great ideas.

The trick to coming up with a great idea, is not to try too hard.

If you try and sit down and force yourself to try to develop a great idea for a board game, etc probably all you will get is a headache or at best an idea that won't see the light of day.

You develop great ideas by keeping your eyes and ears open and being open to new ideas and experiences.

So an example is going to your local Library and picking up a book you normally wouldn’t look at, like Psychology. You could find an idea or concept that could be turned into a board game.

Or with this initial idea and an idea from an add or show on TV you could bring these two concepts together and create a successful idea!

Idea inventor Mousedino  rough

I know when l came up with the idea for Insanity l was watching a comedy show on TV where two guys where miming a fish swimming backwards. And at the local shopping centre l saw a Computer game in a shop window which had a world of mutant animals,(a Lion-Zebra) etc in a battle with other mutant animals.

I put these two concepts together and a potentially very profitable board game was born.

I tend to get my best ideas when l am sitting in a coffee-shop.

Probably because you can watch or listen to other people and potentially get great ideas from that, although an idea inventor needs to keep his/her eyes open because great ideas can come from anywhere.

There are other things you can do to increase your chances of success most of these will be covered in the, what to avoid page.

Idea inventor notepad

Keeping a notepad with you at all times is a good idea because you never know when an idea will hit you and since some of these can be simple and vague writing them down dramatically improves your chances of remembering them to potentially develop them into successful concepts.

Idea inventor pencil

And it pays to write and develop all ideas you get because there have been a few occasions where an idea l thought wouldn’t have a chance got accepted.

Also the yearly Toy-Fair that runs in some capital cities is a great place for an idea inventor, to see what the market is up to and get inspired.

Go to Toy and Game inventor introduction or how to create New Ideas.

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