Toy and Game information inventor recourse on Mind Power-Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the Toy and Game information inventor recourse, on how to use your minds true potential in idea creation.

You need to visualise your goals once a day from now on, or as often as possible. And the more enthusiasm and belief you can muster for your visualisations the better.

Even though some books say that you have to meditate daily for at least half an hour, in my opinion you can skip meditation occasionally and it won't be the end of the world although the more you regularly meditate the quicker the success ideas as well as the myriad of health benefits you will receive.

Spending every day somewhere quiet by yourself for 10 minutes is enough for your Subconscious to work.

Information inventor Mind power affirmation

And a picture of your goals or better yet making a start on your goals like a $100 bill for a financial goal is a great idea. I tend to use pictures of $100 dollar bills because they are easier to visualise and when l get $100 l remember the smell, sound and how they feel in my hands to aid my Subconscious in developing success ideas.

The Subconscious needs repetition of mental images to be effective.

Also you need to meditate for at least half an hour or be somewhere quiet each day for your Subconscious to hand over the success ideas as quickly as possible or work as effectively as possible although as stated before it isn't a necessity but a good idea.

The mind needs quietness to hand over success ideas, which can be ideas that come out of the blue (or as is usually the case with me intuitive promptings to do or create something).

Ideas from your Subconscious feel right you won't be able to pull the idea apart because all the components fit so well together.

You can easily tell whether an idea is Subconscious by the fact that Conscious ideas are mixed with doubt and confusion and don't feel right.

All people that have achieved wealth, fame and fortune have knowingly or unknowingly used this great power with Edison, Mozart, Einstein and Leanardo-Da Vinci to name a few.

Your Subconscious will give you the idea or its equivalent as soon as possible (sooner if you ask it to but it may not be as good). What l mean by its equivalent is if your goal is a new TV at 50% off recommended retail you could be prompted to go into a store where the TV you wanted or the next best thing is 50% off recommended retail.

It may have a scratch down one side or comes with a stand that isn't the most attractive one available but the important thing is that you have proven to yourself that it works and (unless you already have) can set the next goal for a new TV stand at 50% off or for free.

And as said before in this Toy and Game Inventor information, you need to find out intuitively how big a goal you can set for your Subconscious mind before it can't handle the goal.

Some books may say that writing all your goals down and reading them out twice a day or making a scrapbook with pictures is the most effective way of affirming your goals.

I know from experience that reading out your goals twice a day which usually takes about half an hour each time, will have some positive effects but one of the downers is after a couple of months it will drive you nuts.

And pasting pictures in a Scrapbook works but after a year or two it becomes tiresome to do, especially when some of your goals may not have materialised as yet. That is why l recommend a couple of goals and goals that cover a large range of smaller ones (why bother setting 10 goals for material objects when you can set one financial goal for $1,000,000 or $50,000 to start with).

I have found for me that keeping objects related to your goal, etc $100 bill and saying a positive affirmation to yourself while occasionally looking at these goal objects is the most effective way to get results (and is guaranteed to keep you sane)!

And as stated before in the Toy and Game information inventor recourse, your Subconscious has an easier time with 3 goals than it has with 30.

Another example of how powerful your Subconscious is, is when l was developing hand painted drinking glass designs, l Consciously came up with a Daisy design on a nostalgic champagne glass (glass on right hand side) and no matter what price l made it, it wouldn't sell.

mind power example

Then l set a goal with my Subconscious to develop the most successful hand painted glass design it could come up with.

My Subconscious intuitively told me to develop a Daisy design on a goblet glass although l thought that l couldn't do it quick enough for it to be viable or that the design concept wouldn’t be popular.

In the end l was selling 4-6 per week before Christmas while the other glasses which where in the same shop didn't sell.

Don't underestimate your Subconscious in helping you develop a successful board game, etc ideas but first make sure that you set goals that your mind can handle.

When your Subconscious gives you a fully-blown success idea or more likely help you with your board game, puzzle ideas, it always knows everything about what it is telling you to do. And never makes a mistake about what it is telling you to do.

But because board game, puzzle ideas have the potential to make you more money than you can comprehend, help and assistance in development is more likely.

Quality of ideas is just as if not more important than quantity of ideas.

The Subconscious achieves the “never fails” aspect because it picks up facts and information from anything you read, see or hear that is relevant to your goal.

Also the metaphysical explanation is that certain parts of our minds have no space, time limitations and the Subconscious can use this aspect to create foolproof success ideas.

When l use my intuition, l usually use the Apple or Beach method.

Apple method

The Apple method is where l ask my Subconscious about a problem l am trying to get an answer to, or to seek guidance on the correct solution to an answer it is trying to give me, then visualise an Apple, see its shape, colour, size how hot or cold it feels, everything basically.

Then compare the first Apple which could represent a Yes to your question with a second Apple that could represent a No.

You will quickly realise by the size, smell, look, etc which Apple is the right choice.

Beach method

The Beach method is similar and l usually visualise myself on a flight of wooden stairs going down to the beach and ocean and the stairs are branching out left, right and middle (although you could create as many stair paths as you needed).

I will then ask my intuition the question and look at the 3 or more paths and make a decision on which answer is correct based on how the beach the path is going to looks, how it feels, if it attracts me like a magnet and anything else.

So if l didn't know which idea should be developed more, out of the 3, l could ask my intuition and see by looking down the path that the first path was almost in total darkness and the beach it was going down to was almost totally dark.

Then the second path was overcast with sunny patches and the third path was sunny with no clouds.

Then l would know that l should do no more than a quick sketch for my first idea because it probably isn't very good, put a reasonable amount of effort into idea number two because it shows more promise and fully develop idea number three because since it is sunny with no clouds it is probably an idea with a good chance.

It is up to you what pictures, objects you use to figure out what your Subconscious or intuition is trying to tell you but since l have a thing for Tropical islands l find it to be the most effective visualising tool for me.

Well that's about it for the Toy and Game information inventor recourse; please click on the next chapter when ready.

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