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Here you will find some of the most successful toys and games ever created, who, why and how they were created.

Imaginiff was developed by two brothers who live in Melbourne, Australia and was taken from a method advertising Companies use to understand a product better.

The method involves coming up with insane scenarios like if l was an ice cream what restaurant would l go to, to gain more insights into the product and develop a more effective advertising campaign.

A Canadian by the name of Rob Angel invented Pictionary while playing a version of it with his colleagues after work, where in teams of two you have to guess what a drawn picture represents before your time is up.

It sold more than 13 million units worldwide within the first 2 years.

An unemployed American by the name of Charles Darrow in 1933 developed Monopoly from a version developed 30 years earlier that was used as a form of propaganda against dishonest Landlords (a common occurrence, in those days), and made $2.1 Billion by 1990.

Scrabble was developed from a game called Criss-Cross which was invented in 1931 by Alfred Butts, who after loosing his Architectural job at the height of the depression explored his passion for word games.

It wasn’t very successful until 1948 when he met James Brunit who commercially developed it for a percentage of the profits.

It has sold 100 million games in 121 countries since then with the distinction of being the world’s best selling word game.

Trivial Pursuit was developed by two Canadian journalists by the name of Chris Haney and Scott Abbott in Montreal, Canada in 1979 who after having a friendly argument about who was the better game player decided to create their own.

The initial idea was developed from an incomplete Scrabble set they were going to play.

They had limited success until 1984 when they and two other friends got their board game accepted by Chiefton Toy Company.

After several Company takeovers Parker Brothers Currently owns the rights and has multiple versions developed or in development.

By 1990 sales had reached 50 million in worldwide sales.

So as you can see the "inventions and inventor" recourse is a varied list, with many different circumstances and people.

Great ideas can come from either vague concepts that took a long time to develop or developed from already established products.

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