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Hi and welcome to the jigsaw inventor assistance gallery.

Jigsaw inventor designs.

There are three ideas on this sheet, l did put several ideas on to one sheet quite often, as l was using a A3 sheet sketchpad.

A good tip is to use a thin paper notepad or sketchpad, when considering what to use for your ideas, because if you need to copy or redo a design, it is a lot easier with paper you can trace from!

In the first idea (the green-yellow design) giving people a time limit to create whatever is shown from the two cards they pick up (Apple-Cow) and try and create that design in a certain time frame!

Jigsaw inventor designs.

This is a loose idea where you see a picture and have to guess what the people are thinking? The most popular answer moves forward?

The last idea is a variation of the second where you see a picture (an Otter floating in the water) and pick the most popular answer from the card.

And the card you could pick an answer from!

For the first showing of your ideas l recommend that you create a design that is no more complex than these; it probably wont make any real difference to your chances if you go overboard with your designs, and will require additional time and recourses that could be better spent creating new ideas!

(Design 1)

Jigsaw inventor dividing bar.

Jigsaw inventor designs.

As you can see from this design l tried to make a 3D jigsaw!

The idea of having to figure out how to put all the pieces together so they could be put into a 3D format may have worked (top middle drawing) but l was concerned about the difficulty level of this idea; so l ultimately decided to stay with a simple one-piece-represents-one-side format!

It was designed for ages 3-7, but unfortunately it was an idea that was probably doomed to failure, before l even started drawing this design.

After a certain period of time of doing and showing your ideas to a Toy Company you will start to know whether your ideas have a poor, good and great chance of success (although as stated before you should show all ideas because you never know)!

(Design 2)

Jigsaw inventor dividing bar.

Jigsaw inventor designs.

As you can see from this idea, l tried to combine 2 pictures together and have it as a jigsaw type format!

But apart from being too close to Picture Mosaics, (creating a larger picture from smaller pictures, in a jigsaw format) it was a clunky concept and didn't have a very good chance, but worth a try!

As you can see from this close up, getting the jigsaw pieces to represent the two different pictures was quite a challenge.

But the more you develop a concept to a finished product (although rough) the more it can increase your chances.

(Design 3)

Jigsaw inventor dividing bar.

Please note that l have put a small part of this page up, and will be adding to this page on a regular basis.

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