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Any chess player that desires to look further into the mysteries of chess, and enjoy the skill of the great masters, won’t be disappointed.

There are so many variations that a lifetime isn’t long enough, and that even, master status, has unlearnt lessons.

The main part of progress and interest is the master, it is his genius which produces what is new in the sense that it was never comprehended before.

His name is remembered throughout history, and his mind needs constant competition to stay focused. No great work can be done without passion and enthusiasm.

True Genius has to encounter infinite resistance, to be capable of infinite power.

Unless he meets an opponent of his own level his style deteriorates, and enthusiastic fans help to spur him on and lift him beyond himself.

If, like Philidor, (a master that is in a class by himself) should see his skills deteriorate, it wouldn’t be for long.

A new generation will be more than eager to try out their talents against the best. So each epoch will generally produce a multitude of new creative masters.

Each of them has an individual style, which is easily discernible from non-creative masters that copy, rather than create.

Creative masters differ in that they are not scared in charting new paths or take risks in developing new variations to the game.

Also becoming a creative master is the only road to take for the budding student that wants to go up against powerful chess computers, as the only computer to ever win against a master was Deep Blue, (IBM) against Casparov world renowned chess master in 1997.

Casparov accused IBM of cheating, but it was never proven, and no rematch was given.

I hope that you have found the “Chess” tutorial useful and don’t forget that chess is also fun.

Life is too short, too take it too seriously.

And don't forget your large chess board and pieces free download link, (below)!

Happy gaming.

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World Chess Federation; .

Stans Net Chess.

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