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Hi and welcome to the money making ideas page. The place where you will get great board game, toy and puzzle ideas, from techniques that have taken me more than 5 years to develop.

By now you may be asking, why should you be listening to me?

Good question. It is because l developed a successful puzzle that made me more than $10,000 over several years, and l got close to developing several board games as well.

Board games can make $60,000 up front and $60,000 per year for a few years, so the first technique you will get from me is...

• Stay with board game ideas.

Board game ideas are the most profitable and take no more time to come up with great money making ideas than a toy or puzzle.

• Carry a small notebook around with you.

Not much of a hint l hear you say, but when inspiration strikes, and you get a great money making idea, or more likely a piece of something that could be added to another idea piece to create a great idea you will be glad that you took my advice.

I have come up with several great ideas for board games, which l was able to turn into a board game idea that almost became successful.

• Do several designs before approaching a toy company, they will take you more seriously. And will be eager to see you again.

• Do the designs, (quick sketches) in color. Every little bit of visual effort will aid you in making your idea a profitable one.

• Complete your idea as much as possible.

I know that there is a lot of effort involved in doing this, but someone who walks in with a board and cards, so an actual game can be played will win over a toy company far more than someone who walks in with a vague idea.

• Don’t get stressed about the outcome. The more stress you are under to come up with a successful board game for example, so you don’t lose your house, won’t work.

Why? I hear you ask.

Because apart from the fact that it will usually take a year for your idea to hit the shelves, it will take a few more months to get a cheque in the mail.

Obviously if you do it yourself, you can speed up the process, but it carries with it a much higher risk, or failure.

People mortgaging their houses for the next best idea to Monopoly, Scrabble, etc and getting positive, well meaning, but experience poor advice from friends and family doesn’t help.

And usually ends in disaster.

Stories of people who take out a second mortgage to finance an idea they and their friends and family think is an equal to Monopoly, developing the idea, and seeing little to no sales, is a common one.

Almost as common as Ma and Pa investors losing everything on a Condo investment scheme, and having to go back to work.

And the fact that most people try 1 to 3 times then quit is a concern. I tried and failed 7 times before l hit the jackpot.

Thank you for visiting the money making ideas page.

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