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Puzzle inventor designs.

l did this design after my first success, because l wanted to thrash this successful niche as much as possible just in case there was another profitable idea there!

Puzzle inventor designs.ln this design l thought that it would be great to have grooves in a Jigsaw type surface, which a small plastic car could move on to get from the top of the board to the bottom.

Unfortunately it is a simple puzzle to solve, but l thought that it could still be modified or sold to very young children?

It's worth showing even simplistic designs as it could always be modified changed or added to another design to make it a success.

Puzzle inventor designs.I thought that a small red car would work the best for this concept!

Puzzle inventor designs.It's best to put down all the names you can think of.

Puzzle inventor designs.

As you can see the red cars tyres fit into the jigsaw type surface grooves.

Puzzle inventor designs.It's a good idea to put down other variations as well. Covering all aspects of an idea can only help to increase your chances.

Puzzle inventor designs.And the last part was an idea to create a plastic display which the Thread the Maze designs could be slipped into!

It would save the customers money by only needing to buy a cheap paper design, and slip and solve it in the protective cover; but as you can see because of costs and how long decent sales could be maintained, it wasn't accepted.

(Design 1)

Puzzle inventor dividing bar.

Puzzle inventor designs.

I put 4 different ideas onto this sheet of paper to save paper and also because these ideas didn't need to be developed much.

Puzzle inventor designs.In this design l tried to create a 3D wooden cube version of the Thread the Maze Puzzle.

But because the concept is a little clunky, expensive to produce and hard to do, (thread the cord through a 3D cube) it didn't have much of a chance of success!

Puzzle inventor designs.

And in this design l tried to show that a 3D cylinder version of the Thread the Maze Puzzle would work, but for the reasons already given for the cube version the odds of success where small!

Puzzle inventor designs.In this idea l though that a 3D jigsaw with a sardine design would work, and from a cost point of view (made using card board) it would work.

But because of the simplicity (could be solved in a few minutes) it didn't have much of a chance!

Puzzle inventor designs.

The rough designs shown above, concerned design variations to the Thread the Maze Puzzle concept.

I tried to create a concept where you would solve one part first then use another cord supplied to solve the rest, etc.

But this made the concept unnecessarily complicated!

Best to use the KISS rule when developing ideas.

(Design 2)

Puzzle inventor dividing bar.

Please note that l have put a small part of this page up, and will be adding to this page on a regular basis.

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