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All the pages that make up this ever-growing web site are a toy and game inventors free help recourse.

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Puzzles and jigsaws if distributed worldwide, as was the case with “Thread the Maze” will usually make up to $10,000-$13,000 dollars in Royalties before they run out of steam, which is usually a few years after they’re launched, although some can go longer or indefinitely.

I know that l ended up with about $9,300 dollars profit before it ran out of steam after about 4 years of sales. The Sale/Invoice forms found on this web site add up to about $8,500 because some forms needed to be returned because of refunds and exchanges that occurred at certain times of the year.

Board games are substantially more profitable with worldwide average returns of up to $60,000 up front depending on the Company you are with and the Contract-agreement. And about $60,000 per year for a few years (although some can go longer).

But if you are lucky you could develop a board game, puzzle or jigsaw that could make up to $3,000,000 or more a year. Monopoly, Twister and Rubik’s Cube are a few examples of these. Obviously l am not saying that you will hit the jackpot, but an extra $3000-$4000 a year at a low tax rate (in Australia) isn’t bad either.

In Australia you can classify your Royalty payments as a business income as well so you can spend the taxable part of your income on as many genuine expenses as well.

And can claim depreciation of up to 30% (in Australia) of the product cost; examples are professional coloured pencils, possibly computer related hardware, software, etc.

So l can use my profits or Royalties to buy something that increases my chances of success as well as reducing my tax bill.

It took me 7 tries to develop the” Thread the Maze Puzzle” idea, which will be explained in more detail further on.

I then l spent the next couple of years developing a potentially great idea in between others that unfortunately refused to get off the ground. The main reason was part of the concept was based around something most Toy Companies around the world aren’t interested in, you will learn more about that in the “What to avoid” section.

I know of 2 brothers who live in Melbourne, Australia who come up with as many ideas as l do who have successfully developed 3 board games in the same year called “Imaginiff “, ”Moods” and l think the third one was called "Faces". “Imaginiff” has topped the 1 million mark in sales and “Moods” is selling well (l don’t know too much about Faces, apart from the fact Hasbro is marketing it)!

I am currently developing 5 to 6 ideas with Blue Opal which have a good chance. I can’t describe them in more detail at the moment because contracts haven’t been signed yet and they are still at the development stage, but l will be describing some of my other near successes further on.

And if you are interested your nearest puzzle-shop may still sell the “Thread the Maze Puzzle” and you will be able to take a look at the real thing!

But please check the list of countries below first to make sure they were sold in your country.

Also please take a look at my Invoice statements for Royalty payments for Thread the Maze and you will realise that great profits can be made from coming up with a successful idea.

List of Countries “Thread the Maze Puzzle” was sold in.

1. Australia

2. New Zealand

3. England

4. Canada

5. France

6. Germany

I may have sold them in Mexico as well but it’s best to check with your nearest puzzle-shop retailer if you live in Mexico.

Well that’s about it for the scam free inventor information page, thank you!

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