Daily Sudoku

Hi, and welcome to the toy inventors, weird toys and games page; the place where you will see the strangest toys and games around.

So, lets get started...

Hi, and welcome to the Daily Sudoku page.

The place where l will cover everything to do with the game of Sudoku. So lets start...

• History of Sudoku.

You may be surprised to know that this game wasn't invented in Japan, but also originated in some western countries as well.

• Sudoku Explained.

This game is usually played in a 9 x 9 grid, but there are exceptions. And all the most popular ones will be covered on this page.

• Then We Have the Maths.

Sudoku is unique in that it relys purely on logic than anything else, although luck can play a part.

• Solution Methods

Scanning is the most popular method, but there are others. All are covered in this section.

• Starting the Game

In this game, logic rules over luck, but there are other techniques that can help with your plan of attack.

• Middle Game Strategies

When you are attempting a more serious game, a different approach is required. Find out more here.

• When all Else Fails

At this point you have tried all the strageties and come up dry. At this point a pencil and rubber are a god-send! Click here to find out why?

• Where do I Find These Puzzles

There are obvious places, like librarys and newsagents. But you need to copy them to pencil it in. Newsagents are better, but electronic is a great option. I will cover the best ones here.

• Examples

Last chapter l will cover examples of this game, so you really grasp what you have learned.

Well that is it for this page.

And thank you for visiting the daily Sudoku page.

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Then we have the 10 weirdest toys...

This was voted the worst baby toy, probably because they learn very little, but l didn't think that it was all that bad.

That is another thing the toy inventor needs to keep an eye out for. Or research needs to be done first! No point putting effort into a game or toy that no-one will buy?

Here is another good one to avoid when developing baby toys!!!

So, these videos will give you some idea as to what to avoid when coming up with ideas, and certainly shows you that there is a lot more involved in coming up with a successful toy than throwing money at something that is colorful and moves around, etc.

Well that's it, thanks for visiting the toy inventors site!

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