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Hi and welcome to the game and toy market reviews page, the page where l will be reviewing some of the most recent games available.

Game Description

Toy and game invention review.

In this game 4 or more players move around a board and if you land on a challenge space you need to do or give something from 4 different challenges to move forward.

Or if you land on a would you rather space then you would pick from 4 different subjects and 2 alternative answers.

You are able to move forward by agreeing with the group consensus (vote) as to which thing you would most likely pick.

And you need to complete at least 3 would you rather challenges to have a chance of winning.

Toy and game invention review

Players move in a clockwise direction from the start, (where the player pieces are) until they reach the start again where they go to level 2, until they reach the middle.

Toy and game invention review

The would you rather cards have 4 colour coded themes, ranging from pain-fear, appearance-embarrassment, ethics-intellect and random.

Each theme has two alternative answers-like if you picked the pain-fear theme it might say, if you had the choice of whether you would like to get blasted by a very loud radio every morning or get a one minute blast from Arctic ice, which one would everyone else think you would most likely pick?

Toy and game invention review

Other players use the ballott tickets to cast a vote, if you match the consensus you move forward.

Toy and game invention review

Then when you land on a challenge space you need to pick a challenge card with either speed, fill in the blank, invent a question or best reason.

All these variations revolve around using the would you rather cards in competitive ways.

Toy and game invention review

All in all a fun game!

Game Play

A little bit complicated at the start with the instructions and how the game board spaces are organised, but once you have got a handle on it, it becomes a lot of fun to play.


Fun, entertaining, reasonably easy to grasp game play and you could play this for quite a long time before you and your friends start to remember what you would be picking for your answer.

Easy to play almost anywhere because of the small board surface.


Tricky to understand initially, with rules and board movement configuration.

Ballot tickets and cards more or less have a lifespan, but l am sure that like other similar card board games out there new cards, etc would be available.


800 "would you rather" questions.

20 challenge cards.

Game board.

Die (dice).

8 player pieces.


Ballot tickets.


Number of players-4 or more.

Playing time-1 to 2 hours.

(Review 1)

Puzzle inventor dividing bar.

Game Description

Toy and game invention free puzzle download.

I thought that since my free puzzle download (Hungry Caterpillar) is a very recent Puzzle, l should give it a review as well.

I also thought that there would be some visitors to my site that would be curious to see what the real product looks like.

For the purposes of this review l will assume that you have downloaded and read the instructions (if not please go to my home page and scroll down to the puzzle image for download instructions).

Ok...back to business, as you can see from the first image, to keep the quality high l copied the download images with a colour printer using photo quality paper, and if you don't have access to a colour printer, you could make enquiries at your nearest photo processing outlet, etc and see what they could do.

Toy and game invention free puzzle download.

I used quality Hampton Mountboard for $7AU, (a thin, stiff and white-throughout board) an ideal board for this application.

Drilling the holes is the hardest part of making this puzzle, and apart from using sharp drill bits you should take it slow and if you are unsure about the hole size of the drill bit you plan to use, go one smaller (you can always go up a size and try again, if too small).

Toy and game invention free puzzle download.

The cord (shoelace) was tricky to find, (since it sold out in the shopping centre outlet l initially went to) so l tried one of their outlets off the beaten path and they had plenty available (Australian visitors should go to Lincraft, as shoe shops, etc don't carry anything adequate).

I would recommend knotting the cord first before cutting as the cord may fan out and be difficult to knot.

I don't think that rabbiting on about the pros and cons of this product is necessary because apart from the fact that it is free, since l developed it l would only rave on about how wonderful it is.

But to be totally honest, it is a fun puzzle to solve and worth the effort in building it.

And just to end when you go to "Inventors Gallery"-"Thread the Maze prototype designs" section to see the real Thread the Maze products, if you would like "Blue Opal" to make some more or create something new around this theme, just send them an e-mail (the more people that show an interest the better your chances they will do some more, or sell them in your area)!

(Review 2)

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Puzzle Description

Rubiks 360 Graphic

Hi And welcome to the Rubiks 360 review.

The newest puzzle created by Ernő Rubik, made famous by inventing the world renowned Rubiks Cube.

This puzzle was so much fun to solve, that l just had to get permission to review this.

I have to admit that l half expected this puzzle to be as hard as the Rubiks Cube; l remember fiddling around with it through High School, and after several years l managed to figure out how to solve 2 rows and one corner, while other students solved the whole thing!

So l was expecting a similar experience with this one.


l was pleasantly surprised when l understood the trick, l was able to solve it in a day or two.

As you can see, (by the pictures) l am having another shot at solving it again, mainly because my brother doesn't believe that l can do it, and also because it is a lot of fun.

Rubiks 360 Graphic

As you can see from the picture above, the Rubiks 360 has three clear plastic spheres, (one inside the other) connected by two axis that allow the two inner spheres to rotate.


in the usual Rubik fashion, he has also put in two weights opposite the holes that the 6 coloured plastic balls need to pass through to get to the matching coloured domes on the outside.

Rubiks 360 Graphic

The holes as you can see are part of the two inner spheres; sphere 1 has one hole and sphere 2 has two holes, with sphere 3, (or the cover sphere) having the coloured domes that the corresponding coloured balls need to be placed into to solve the puzzle.

As you can also see, the coloured balls can also be locked into place by moving the black plastic framework on both hemispheres on the puzzle, which can be moved by turning the plastic knobs on either end of the puzzle.

Game Play

Once you understand how it works, (which takes a few minutes) you can quickly get into the fun part of trying to figure out how to solve it.


Easy and quick to grasp all the inns and outs, so you can get into solving it.

Is relatively sturdy, l unfortunately dropped it on a wooden floor, with no noticeable damage....whew.

Comes with it's own stand, which is great because it is such an interesting puzzle, you will just want to set it on your coffee table, etc and just admire it, (and try to solve it from time to time of course).

The balls are plastic, so it is relatively quiet to solve, about the same as a baby's rattle.

And is relatively easy to solve, if you like reasonably easy to solve puzzles?


If you don't keep it on a flat surface it can easily roll off, but as said before it can probably take a lot of punishment before breaking.

If you are after something as hard as the original Rubiks Cube you may be disappointed with the Rubiks 360, l was a little bit disappointed when l solved it within a short time, but since it is so much fun, l will enjoy solving it many more times before it ends up in a cobard, or on the coffee table?


6 plastic coloured balls.

3 clear plastic spheres.

9 holes, (including the 6 domes on the outside).

Could be solved in about 5 to 10 hours.

Like the original Cube, you will want to solve it again and again, once you have cracked it the first time.

I won't give any clues as to how to solve it, but l will say that there are plenty of forums available on line if you want a clue.

Have fun!

(Review 3)

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Puzzle Description

UGOBE- Pleo dinosaur.

Well...since l haven't bought this toy l can't say too much about it's good and bad points? It's best to just watch the video and decide for yourself.

But l have to admit that it is a lot quieter and more fun than l thought it would be; and the only concern l would have is how often would you need to replace the batteries?

So...take a look for yourself and see what you think?


Please use the Firefox browser if video doesn't appear!

(Review 4)

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