Learn What The Xbox 360 Red Ring Error Is

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The Xbox 360 is unfortunately subject to technical problems, that are shown as red flashing lights on the front of the machine, the red ring of death, (3 red flashing lights) being the worst.

Green lights around the power button, show normal operation.

When graphical problems arise, (pinstripe patterns, etc) and sound issues happen during game play, where the only thing that your Xbox responds to is turning the power off, it could be indicating that you could have a system failure in the near future.

But not always.

The xbox 360 red ring of death, usually means a hardware failure, although it could just mean that the power lead isn't inserted properly.

And even though the issue of overheating, and flaws in the manufacturing process aiding this issue has been addressed by Microsoft, making sure that all air vents are not covered or obstructed in any way should reduce the red light issue.

Scratched disk,s can be another issue, that can be avoided by not moving the console, while the disk is spinning.

Apart from these preventative measures, (that may help) understanding how to repair it yourself, could save you hundred's of dollars, and weeks of waiting.

In most cases your warranty will cover it, but if you Google, Xbox 360 Red Ring Error you are sure to find a self help guide on the subject.

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