Toy and Game Inventors information on Mind Power-Part 1

Welcome to the Toy and Game Inventors information web page on how to use your minds true potential in idea creation.

So firstly l will describe what the Conscious and Subconscious minds are and how they work.

Conscious mind

The Conscious mind is the eat when hungry sleep when tired part of our brains, basically the part of the mind you use to comprehend the world around you and use to drive the car, read, write, etc.

Although if you have ever driven your car and daydreamed about something else at the same time your Subconscious tends to take over and then when you become Conscious again you will realise that you weren't aware of the time or the section of road you just travelled, scary but true.

The Conscious mind is also the part of our brain that we use for creativity or coming up with creative ideas which is a pity because it is non-creative.

The Subconscious part of our mind can create, plot, plan and either give you a fully blown success idea or promptings to develop great ideas that will significantly increase your strike rate.

Subconscious mind

The Subconscious is the part of the mind that we don't consciously use which is a shame because it is infinitely more creative and powerful than our Conscious minds.

Most people do use it but do so unconsciously (not being aware).

They may wake up in the morning see or hear something on the TV or Radio that confirms that they are poor and other people are luckier, then unknowingly program their Subconscious minds to affirm through an experience or circumstance that they are right.

The Subconscious mind works through the repetition of mental images words or feelings so if you could totally convince yourself that you are the best Puzzle inventor in the world your Subconscious would affirm this state and the results would affirm your beliefs (easy to say, but unfortunately a lot harder to achieve in the real world).

Jim Carrey who starred in the Truman Show, Liar Liar and many other successful movies used to drive up to a look-out point in Hollywood and wouldn't come down until he totally convinced himself that he was a movie star and had a 3 Million dollar cheque.

He eventually ended up with a check for 3.2 million. Don't underestimate the power of your Subconscious.

J.K. Rowling who developed the story for the very successful Harry Potter series of books and movies was taking care of her daughter after ending an abusive relationship, on Government benefits and $16,000 dollars she borrowed from a friend. She wrote the Harry Potter series mainly in a local coffee shop while her daughter slept.

She got the idea for the Harry Potter series while on a train headed towards the City and although there is little information on how she got a billion dollar idea like this there is a very good chance her Subconscious was involved!

If your Conscious mind can handle a billion dollar idea and that is what you want that is what you can get.

l read many books before l discovered Ron-Holland’s “Talk and Grow Rich” a brilliant book that mainly talks about your Subconscious (the 85-90% part of our brains that most people don't use) and sites many examples of famous people who have used it.

I will cover this very useful part of our minds in Inventors information, paying specific attention to how to use it for creating great board game and puzzle ideas.

The techniques that l will be discussing in the Toy and Game Inventors information can potentially be used for any problem you have and referring to the book mentioned above will cover this topic in more detail.

Firstly the Subconscious is very powerful it can solve any problem you have and by learning how to program it correctly your mind will help rather than hinder (which is usually the case) your efforts.

Most people tend to program it negatively and the Subconscious not knowing good from bad carries out your dominating thought.

So if your dominant thought is poverty then your mind will make sure that you will have less illumining ideas to solve financial problems and miss more opportunities to make more, etc (l could fill up a book with examples but you get the idea).

Interestingly enough l recently read an article in a newspaper that people that are naturally lucky tend to be more optimistic about their futures use their intuition (listen to their Subconscious more) can easily spot opportunities and never give up.

The Subconscious never makes a mistake, (hard to believe but true) but you need to program it correctly or it will either give you an idea that will not work (especially when there's a lot of money involved) or a distant second to what you actually wanted, (a fish-bowl instead of a swimming pool).

I know that many years ago when l was running a Stained-glass Business l programmed my Subconscious to develop the most successful Stained-glass product possible and it came up with a 3D-Butterfly product that sold well but then l thought ”that was it” and Consciously took over which was a mistake.

I subsequently developed other Butterfly products that didn't sell that well and after a couple of years the Business completely failed (interestingly enough since my Subconscious knew that l wasn't going to listen to it, it kept telling me to let it run it into the ground which led to a Stained glass job offer).

So you need to listen to your Subconscious even after it has given you a great idea and you need to program it in the most effective way knowing what to avoid to achieve quick results.

So to start with, believing that you will develop a successful idea is very important the more you can do that the better, but at the very least you should be able to convince yourself (especially after reading this) that it is only a matter of time before you're successful.

Even if the most pessimistic person on this planet constantly developed puzzle, board game ideas and went to a Toy Company it is inevitable that one idea would be successful or very successful.

So the first thing that you need to do to get your Subconscious on your side is throughout the day when you are by yourself you need to reaffirm or visualise your goal or goals.

So a goal for creating successful board game, puzzle ideas could be “l am a very successful puzzle inventor” or “l have ? in Royalties from a successful idea”.

It needs to be in the present tense and you need to see, feel and hear it as vividly as possible in your minds eye.

So you could see yourself walking into a Toy Company talking to the person you normally see and watching as he gets more and more excited about an idea you developed, hearing him or her say that this idea has great worldwide sales potential and feeling the excitement in the air.

Or you may see yourself walking up to your letterbox and opening up a letter with a Royalty cheque inside, hearing yourself say how excited you are to do something fun and get paid ? amount and feel the cheque in your hands.

Also something new l recently found out about is that the brighter, larger and noisier you make the thing you are visualising the more effective it is.

So opening the cheque at your letterbox on a very bright and colourful summers day with a large envelope with the Toy Company's logo boldly stamped on the front will produce better results (probably visualising yourself jumping in the air and screaming” Yahoo” would help but not if you see people running away from you).

And you need to find out what your limits are for goals.There is no point setting a goal for a million dollars if your Conscious mind will do everything in its power to trip you.

Because the amount specified is too much for you to comprehend at this time.

It's best to set the million dollar goal in stages like $50,000 to start with and then when that goal is achieved and believed, you can set a larger amount which your mind can now handle.

Well that's about it for the first part of the Toy and Game Inventors information page; please click on the second part link when ready.

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